Little snowflakes

In my bag of tricks and quite possibly my favorite winter activity with 1-4 year olds is making paper snow. (I’ve mentioned this before, yes??)

The process is simple.

Give each parent a white sheet of scrap paper, and show how to start tearing a strip. Encourage the children to tear the rest of the strip. Repeat until you have a few strips of paper.

Next, spend some time contentedly tearing the strips into smaller pieces. Nothing too small. Nothing too perfect.

If this is the first time I’m doing this activity with a class, I rarely explain what’s going to happen.

When everyone has a small pile of little pieces of paper, we scoop the paper up high and….let it faaaaaaalllll.

It usually takes the children about 2 seconds to understand what’s happening, and their squeals and smiles are magnificent. They take over, they dive in, and they make it snow and snow and snow. (Mind that the younger ones don’t start eating the paper.)

And if you think that’s eyeblinkingly beautiful to watch, oh do be sure to watch the parents watching their children.


[Thanks and oh triple grin THANKS!!]


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