Hello hello what’s your name?

She finally said her name when I asked her!

She did, too!

And so did she!

All 3 of ’em!

Wait, what happened?

Oh, see, in my Baby Classes, the opening routine almost always goes something like this: knock on the door to come in, passports, a hello song or two, then go around the circle saying our names.

Every lesson we do the same thing. You know what I mean: routine and repetition.

Most of the time, the parent says the child’s name for the child, which is exactly what I want.

After a few months of this, we start getting little bursts of names, but not always when I ask, and not every week after the first time, because they’re still learning the routine.

Today marked the first time all three little girls said their names when I asked!

Oh you should have seen the massive mommy-n-daughter hugging that ensued…..

[Always thanks!]

P.S. This is my 1401st post! Really? Let’s count…123….


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