Twenty twenty twenty twenty….

I’ve cleaned up and tucked most of 2011 into boxes, carefully labeled for any curious future generations.

A good night’s sleep, and then I know me, I’m going to spend all day trying to finally make the switch.

It’s twenty twelve, right? Not two thousand and twelve?

Oh boy oh boy.

Best wishes to you!

H is for Hatsuhinode

I know I know, New Year’s Day is probably the last chance we’ll have to sleep in for a while, and the sun should look pretty much the same all week. Why can’t we just catch the first sunrise of the year later?

Tradition! This will be one of those “Every year, my family…..” stories you want the next generation to tell.

Here, find out what time the sun rises on New Year’s Day in your area. Set the alarm clocks and quiz everyone on where the sun comes up. Who can find that direction?

The whole excitement shouldn’t take too dreadfully long, then you can scoot back inside for breakfast.

Keep the festivities safe on the 31st, ok?


New Year’s Thank You Cards

You’re either still at someone’s house or everyone is still at your house, and no one wants to play Charades anymore?

Either most casually or most excitedly (I much prefer the latter), start cutting out the 4 digits for the next year, 2012 in this case. Big-sized numbers from stiff paper.

Head out to your nearest photo booth. If it’s too cold outside and/or that’s entirely too much fresh air, your favorite camera at home will do.

Hold up each number, smile, and take 4 photos, one number per photo.

Attach the strip to a nifty piece of construction paper. Decorate as you see fit.

Find a copy shop, make copies of the card, then spend the rest of the afternoon writing your thank you cards.

Family Fun has detailed instructions. Go!

Dragons and Snowflakes

Sing loudly, to the tune of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”:

It’s the Year of the Dragon
It’s the Year of the Dragon
It’s the Year of the Dragon!
Hurray for 2012!

Repeat every 12 years, adjusting the year accordingly.

I’ve started looking around for dragon crafts, and I somehow hoped someone out there knows how to make dragon snowflakes. No, I’ve never seen dragon snowflakes, but if creative people can make Star Wars snowflakes, dragon snowflakes should be possible, yes?

I landed on this Etsy page, and, instead of big scary fire-breathing dragons, I see one bite-sized squeal-inducing little dragon. Goodness, I just want to run back to the kitchen to get two nice mugs of hot cocoa and a plateful of cookies, carefully bring it all back, and plop down to hear about this Dragon-let’s life so far.

I’ll look for those dragon snowflakes later.

On Carrots and Queens and Pirates

We all know that kids say the darndest things, and there’s happily no shortage of entertaining stories in your family, in books, online, and everywhere else talking kids happen to be.

If your life is a bit complicated at the moment, find some 5 year olds to hang out with, because you need their one eyebrow up, full on grin-inducing perspectives on the world around them.

Pirates of the Carrot Queen? I still can’t figure out what kind of movie my nephew thinks that is, but I am definitely taking him to see it when it’s released.

A is for Attiliator’s Shop


Um, what’s an attiliator?

The gentle ambitious LEGO-er (LEGO-ist? LEGO-ite?) who started this ABC project intended to create a castle-related item for each letter of the alphabet.

I suspect time got in the way, or perhaps there’s nothing castle-related that starts with the letter J? (There is! J is for Joust!) Goodness, what’s castle-related that starts with the letter Z? (Nuffink here, according to Lucy Learns, but maybe elsewhere there is. And quoin is now my new favorite Scrabble word.)

You, there, the one good at building stuff. You know your ABCs, yes? Go grab your Legos and a camera and help.

Ohhhh…the attiliator makes cross-bows!

Now that would be one nifty Parent Show and Tell Day.

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