That paper cone Santa hat

Next year we’re starting the winter holiday activities in June: I need more time for my Must Do List!

Last year I saw a child trotting down the street with this Santa hat. I was too shy to take a picture, so all I have are my hastily scribbled notes of how I think the hat was made.


1. On red construction paper draw a circle that is about two teacher hand spans wide. Cut it in half.

2. Give each child a half circle and a mostly manageable pile of stickers. Decorate one side of the half circle.

3. Fold the half circle into a cone shape and taple (that’s “tape” or “staple”) the seam closed.

4. Glue a cotton puff to the pointy end of the hat.

5. At the other end, attach two lengths of yarn, long enough to tie the hat under the chin but short enough to avoid choking possibilities. Put on the hat.

6. Find your camera, then take pictures.


Is it easy to make? I think so but I don’t know! I have to wait until next year to find out! Can you make it for me and let me know?


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