About holiday cookie kits

Yes, yes, you could plan to give Make Your Own Cookies cookies kits this holiday season.

It’s a terrific idea, your children can put most cookie kits together while you supervise from the next room over, and you’re giving the gift of Something To Do.

I do believe, however, that the people you give these kits to secretly wish you’d simply bake the cookies for them.

You know how it is: cookie cravings demand immediate responses, not 45-minute delays while you hunt all over the kitchen for the missing wet ingredients you could have sworn were included in the kit, and then you still have to bake the cookies, let them cool, frost them….

No time for that.

Just bake the cookies.

Besides, you know cookies taste infinitely better when someone bakes them for you, right?

Want 7 more holiday gifts kids can make themselves?


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