Toddlers and Telling Time: See you next year! Huh??

For the youngstest amongst us (young among? youngst amongst?), how do you go about explaining “see you next year”?

See, we’ve been saying “see you next year” for the past week at school, waving excitedly, and wishing everyone well for the holiday season. You, too?

But the youngest ones’ blank expressions clearly indicate that they’re understanding mostly none of this New Year Excitement.

Next year?! When is that? Only two nights’ sleep or maybe 5 nights’ sleep until something happens…they get that. But next year?

I’ve scribbled about this before and the world’s birthday tip is brilliant, because it works!

Now I want to collect more tips. Can you help? How do you or would you explain “see you next year”?

P.S. 55 million yen Miffy calendar??? **blink blink** Naw…furreals?? Okay, who bought one??


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