Time to wrap it up

I love how wrapping presents tends to function on a bell curve when it’s a mere hours before the big moment.

The first few presents are disasters. But unlike the first pancake in a batch, you can’t just set that present aside to deal with later. No no no, there’s work to be done.

Then you get the hang of it, and the presents start looking much nicer, just like the elves taught you. Even if you’re wrapping only 2 to 4 presents, the 2nd present looks infinitely better than that first one.

But at some point you get tired, a tad frustrated, perhaps, and you wish you had paid a bit extra to have that nifty new electronic gift arrive already wrapped. And batteries?? Where are the batteries??

And then your wrapping starts looking like your first present again.


Give the gift of a nice big hug. No scissors, no tape, always useful, and the wrapping always looks fantastic.

Happy holidays!


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