Dragons and Snowflakes

Sing loudly, to the tune of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”:

It’s the Year of the Dragon
It’s the Year of the Dragon
It’s the Year of the Dragon!
Hurray for 2012!

Repeat every 12 years, adjusting the year accordingly.

I’ve started looking around for dragon crafts, and I somehow hoped someone out there knows how to make dragon snowflakes. No, I’ve never seen dragon snowflakes, but if creative people can make Star Wars snowflakes, dragon snowflakes should be possible, yes?

I landed on this Etsy page, and, instead of big scary fire-breathing dragons, I see one bite-sized squeal-inducing little dragon. Goodness, I just want to run back to the kitchen to get two nice mugs of hot cocoa and a plateful of cookies, carefully bring it all back, and plop down to hear about this Dragon-let’s life so far.

I’ll look for those dragon snowflakes later.

3 Responses

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