We need more dot stickers over here!

The friendly people at office supply stores want you to know that office dot labels make a great “flexible system for identifying documents and objects.  [Also g]reat for routing, filing, scheduling, map highlighting, price marking, inventory control and more.”

They’re also terrific for crafts (the labels, not the friendly people).

The older students are usually fascinated with creating fancy designs.

The younger ones are usually fascinated with Stuff Being Sticky. Decorating with stickers is often either a relaxed meditative activity or an “okay they’re all on the paper somewhere now I’m done what’s next” activity.

Would I ever take Yayoi Kusama‘s idea and let children run loose with armloads of dot stickers in a blank room?

Of course!

I most certainly would!

**blink blink**

Wouldn’t you?

[More images and more artist info.]

2 Responses

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