Sticky paper collages

I’d forgotten about contact paper collages!

Great for using up That Craft Stuff you have lying around and can’t yet bear to throw away: leftover ribbons, chenille stems, pompoms, wrapping paper, etc. What else were you going to do with that pile of felt scraps?

1) Put a sheet of contact paper, sticky side up, on a table, on the floor, or against a door.

2) Gather all that stuff and help your artist sort it, if you think that’s helpful.

3) Examine the stickiness of the contact paper, then grant permission to create away. It should take about 3 seconds for your artist to get the hang of it.

4) Cover the finished artwork with another sheet of contact paper (sticky side down).

5) Hang it at toddler-eye level for easy casual conversation and spontaneous real life games of I Spy.

Easier done than said, so look around online for helpful examples.


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