How to make fondant dragon cupcake toppers

Fondant intimidates me.

I’ve been hearing for years now about how how fondant is both easy to make and fantastic as playdough for little crafting hands.

I’m happy to take everyone’s word for it, but if you’ll just kindly excuse me, I’d like to continue being fondant-phobic.

Even if it means missing out on making these big-eyed cute dragonlets.

Really, are all the dragons going to be huggably cute this year?

You’re feeling brave (cute dragons!). I know you are (cute dragons!). Run over to Bake Happy and check out that well-explained cupcake topper how-to.

Bring me back a cupcake or two when you’re done, yes? Thanks!

2 Responses

  1. Adorable – I’ve never worked with fondant either…


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