20 cheap and fun activities: Babies to school children

Not one of these ideas is particularly new: you could probably rummage through all your various baby blogs, toddler books, and kid activity sites, and you’ll likely find them all.

But you probably don’t have most of those blogs, books, and sites handy at the very moment you need them, right?

Here’s what you do: scribble these ideas down on an index card and stuff that card in your wallet.

Even if you think you’ll never use these ideas, someone you know could probably use a nifty quick idea, right?



And I quote:

Hop a freight

Toddlers love transportation, especially if it’s a departure from the same-old-same-old car seat. Check out your local airport or hospital – many have a free shuttle or tram that you can ride as often as your little one’s heart desires. If you don’t usually travel by bus, check your local bus system and take a spin around town, enjoying things from a thrilling new vantage point.


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