Go check out that pizza in a jar recipe

An hour ago, I had a nice long commentary written up about 1 Fine Cookie‘s  Pizza in a Jar, referencing together in several lovely breaths the odd pizzas one finds here in Japan and my Grandma, who probably for once would have balked at one of her grandchildren’s ideas, had I presented this to her as an afternoon activity.

I rather liked that commentary.

I deleted it in favor of my real reactions to Pizza in a Jar, summarized here for your benefit:

…ehhhh? No…Really? For kids? Are you kidding me? Was that a pun? Not intended. Baked jars of pizza stuff, and that you give to kids? [splutter splutter unintelligible mumbling, unclear words] No way! Do we try it? Yes! No…Okay, yes! Um, ya know, I’ll just keep staring fascinated at the photos and the whole idea.

Something like that.

If you haven’t seen it yet,  scamper on over to 1 Fine Cookie’s blog to see what the excitement has been about.

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