Children’s music: Usa šanu

The category is children’s music, and the answer is Usa šanu usa šanu.

What’s the question?

(Those of you sitting out this round, kindly hum the Jeopardy theme song while the rest of us are thinking. Thank you.)

The question is, “What is the oldest known lullaby?”

You knew that???

Mama Lisa (oh I just love her site!) posted part of the oldest known lullaby. Here, I’ll give you the first two lines, then trot over to Mama Lisa’s to read more.

Usa šanu usa šanu
usa šanu ki dumušaŋe

You’re pronouncing it like this, right?

Oossa nganoo oossa nganoo
Oossa nganoo kee doomoongashe


Next question: What was the singer’s likely thought process behind creating this first lullaby?


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