Chocolate rice? Chocolate rice!

Most teachers eventually stop looking puzzled at other teachers’ creative combinations. If it’s a project for class, it’s usually all right.

Most of my co-workers eventually stop looking at the creative food combinations that show up at our office parties. Fermented soy beans in the spring rolls? Sure!

Tomorrow we’re doing mini chocolate fountains for lunch.

What to bring? my co-workers asked me.

Dippables, I replied, thinking fruit, cookies, and the inevitable salty snack or two.

What about rice? someone asked.



As in: chocolate rice?

*blink blink*

Yes, chocolate rice, also known as champorado. As in: cook some sweet rice, add some hot chocolate milk, then stir in sugar and evaporated milk to taste.

I think that’s it.

No, not healthy at all, but remember: chocolate fountains for lunch, yes?

Grab your curiosity and head on over to The Chic Life to check out one version of this new-to-me breakfast food!


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