Baby Games: 40 ways to entertain your kids while lying down

Kids have that remarkable ability to be up and about and interested in doing a whole bunch of stuff with you the minute you want to ought to need to desperately have to lie down.

I don’t know how they do that.

Print this page out on as large a sheet of paper as you can. Hang this near your Need To Lie Down Center. When you’re ready, close your eyes, flail your index finger in the direction of the list, and where it lands, that’s what you do.

My favorite tip so far is Number 39:

I lie on the floor and ask my 5-year-old to write on my back. Love it! Even better is when I ask her to “erase” each letter afterward. Instant back massage! – Lori M

Forty? You’ve got more ideas than that, yes?


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