There’s a movement for just about everything.

Meet the PlayGroundology group! New to you? New to me! Look around, familiarize yourself with the concepts, then gallop off to tell everyone you know.

Swings that make music? Please excuse me. I must go to the nearby park to hum while I’m on the suddenly sorely-lacking swings there.

[via 21 Balançoires and Swiss Miss]

One Response

  1. Hi PlayGroundology here, thanks so much for sharing the blog with your readers. Those musical swings look so cool. Imagine, we missed them by one day when we were in Montreal last spring. The concept is so fun, so play.

    I like your post on cheap things to do. Public transportation is right up there in our house. When it’s a double whammy of buses and ferries across Halifax harbour, our guys are just in heaven. Also made me smile to see the San Diego trolley photo. We’re hoping to make a trip down there in a few months.

    Thanks again for shining the light on PlayGroundology and helping us find each other. I’ll be checking in on your blog too.



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