Holly Golly? Holly Golly!

Holly Golly?

Holly Golly!

I don’t know why I never learned to speak in code with my friends. The closest I ever got was Holly Golly, a spelling code that I thought was remarkably secretive and remarkably cool.

Holly Golly takes at least 2 people who know the code. Player A indicates the start and end of a round by asking, “Holly Golly?” Player B replies, “Holly Golly!”

  1. Snap or clap for the vowels: a = 1 snap, e = 2 snaps, i = 3 snaps, o = 4 snaps, and u = 5 snaps
  2. Random sentences for the consonants. The sentence simply has to start with the letter you want.

Player A does all of that.

Player B listens and mentally spells out the word or phrase. At the end of the round, Player B amazes the listening crowd by saying aloud the word or phrase Player A “said”.

Fun, yes? Oh, I must have entertained my friends for hours on the way to and from fieldtrips!

Odd, though: none of those friends remember Holly Golly.

Oooh, I’m-a go remind them! Yoo-hoo….!


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