Those handprint packing peanut lambs

March clearly didn’t get that memo about in like a lion, out like a lamb.

Not at all.

Or at least apparently not until late last night, because today we got a whole bunch of weather and temperature stuff hastily shoved at us, barely making deadline.

April is confused.

Think lambs! Lots of lambs!

Here, let’s all make a whole pile of these lambs and hang them up where April can see them. With an obvious hint like that, April should have us all caught up and doing the Spring Sproing any day now.

From this….

…to this!

Got it? Great, let’s go!

[There’s a lamb joke around here somewhere. Anybody got one?]

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That wind map

Any long-haired dog owners out there?

Erm, that is, do you have a dog that has long hair? I mean, yay, if you, too, have long hair.

I mean….

I babble.

If you stare long enough at this wind map of the United States, all sorts of long-haired dogs start appearing.


Mesmerizing, isn’t it? [Clicky to watchy. It’s beautiful!]

Hear hear for ears! Bunny ears!

The adorable child apparently is not included with these rabbit ears.

I checked the instructions at least twice for that.

And oh you have to make the ears yourself. That’s okay for you, yes?

Hop on over to see how, and, yes, I promise I’ll take all the credit when your little ones insist on wearing their bunny ears to school.

Run to find your fabulous little ones and make these bunny ears for them. And oh most kindly please don’t forget the adults among us: I’ll take 3, please.

Quick and easy rabbits’ feet

Is it Easter yet? Is it Easter yet? Is it Easter yet?

Hippity hoppity….

I’m starting to stamp my feet a bit impatiently, wishing  Easter would hurry up and be here. Now is good. I have time now.

Stamp. Stamp. Stamp.

Oooh say hey hey look at the bunnies on those feet!

Here‘s the perfectly manageable how-to.

Of course, once you start with rabbits, you really must make the whole happy barnyard, yes?

P.S. Polka dot tights! Perfect for a lesson on colors!

I can’t think of a bite-sized blog post title to explain that I just finished teaching my last lesson ever at my school after nine years. Haaalp.

I only meant to be here for 2 years.

Now, I count 9 of my fingers, one for each year I’ve been teaching here in Tokyo.

I need 3 toes, too, one for each year I taught in Nagoya.

My remaining 7 toes equal the years between Nagoya and Tokyo, when I pretended I wasn’t interested in teaching.

My tenth finger is for the one month I now have left in Japan.

I don’t have nearly enough fingers and toes to count all the amazing loving wonderful students, families, teachers, and friends who have supported me and welcomed me into their lives over the past 9 years.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Whoooeee, okay, I need a big blueberry muffin and an even bigger hug now.

Paul McCartney makes mashed potatoes

When did you last make mashed potatoes? And what did you add to the potatoes, if I may politely ask?

Any arugula? Well now, if you’re Dutch, tell me which food adding arugula makes you think of!

I’m showing these recipes to the kids, then we’re galloping off to the check the potato supply in the pantry. Just for random fun, kindly say in your most bestest Sir Paul McCartney voice, “We want fluffeh mashed potatoes!”

Yes, yes, we do.

[Smile-inducing! Thanks!]

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