Skip the dishes: coffee filters as snack holders

The next time I have a party, I’m skipping the whole do-I-have-enough-plates problem: I’m servin’ snacks in coffee filters!

Okay okay okay, that’s perhaps not the politest way to serve snacks. Even if I do color the filters with my bestest crayon drawings, it’s no good?

But seriously, coffee filters really do make handy mini snack holders. Great for GORP and green M&Ms, if you’re so inclined.

Want to know what else you can do with coffee filters? Of course you do! ToiletPaperWorld has a nifty Top 10 list! Go check it out!

2 Responses

  1. Yum, now I just want some GORP! Using coffee filters is a good idea, especially for something kind of sticky like caramel popcorn. Better for portion control too!

    • Did you just mention sticky caramel popcorn??

      GORP or caramel popcorn…GORP or caramel popcorn…. I love GORP, but yum, now I just want some caramel popcorn! *grin*

      Thanks for your ideas and thanks for stopping by!


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