Textbook Trials and Errors

Do you get to choose the textbooks for your students?

Yay for you!

Makes you kinda nervous, though, doesn’t it? There are so very many books out there, and you really must give yourself an enormous hug if you made it all the way through the school year still enchanted with the text.

But what if it’s not the best textbook? Ah, Textbook Tip Number 1: Don’t criticize the book in class! Your students are likely to criticize the book as well, and you may never have a successful lesson after that, no matter what you do.

While you’re at it, stifle your need to tease. Odd hairdos, weird accents, guffaw-inducing illustrations. They’re in there. Again, the students are following your lead much more than you may think. If you let it be known that you dislike the book, chances are huge that your students will promptly dislike it, too.

If you can, use photocopies before making that final decision.

Then, at the first chance you get, off you go, looking for a better textbook.

And give yourself a most enormous hug for being a teacher.

[A few more TEFL textbook tips!]


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