Toddler-sized Jack in the Box

Recommending it based on experience, popping excitedly out of a box is something we should all try to do every chance we get.

Quite grin-inducing is this activity’s follow-up suggestion. Off I go to round up a pile of toddlers, because I can’t possibly wait until the start of the school year to give this a try.


Jack in the Box

What You Need:

large box

markers or paint and brushes


camera (optional)

What You Do:

1. Invite the children to decorate the outside of the box.

2. Then invite one child to go inside the box and crouch down so the flaps can be closed overhead.

3. When the child is in the box, the rest of the children recite the following rhyme:

(Child’s name) in the box.

Oh, so still,

Will she come out?

Yes, she will! (Child pops out of box)

4. This is a good activity to use at the beginning of the year for the children to learn each other’s names.

Grin-inducing Follow Up:

Take pictures of each child popping out of the box.

I’d happily stop here, but the directions continue:

And use the photos to make a class “Jack in the Box” book. Glue each child’s photo on a separate sheet of paper. Invite the children to write or decorate the pages opposite their pictures.

[Thank you to Ann Scalley, Orleans, MA!]

You do have a copy of The Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities, yes?

5 Responses

  1. I want a Kindle edition of this book. Looks great.

  2. I just ordered the book. Why don’t you do a “top 10 games for toddler classes”? I will contribute a few of my favorite games if you like, but maybe you know a lot more.

    • Top 10 games for toddler classes? There’s an idea! Can you start with your faves on your blog? Then I can link to that while I’m coming up with my own list. Hope you enjoy the book as much as I do!

  3. […] Shanmugasundaram of Navi Mumbai, India, submitted this activity to The Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities. I love […]


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