Let the Children Play: Inspiring early childhood education

A few hours ago, thanks to PlayGroundology, I landed on Let the Children Play, a nifty new-to-me blog about “inspiring early childhood education”.

Actually, nifty doesn’t even come close to describing this site. Jenny is very serious about play for children, and it shows in every idea. She works in an Australian progressive preschool and is super passionate about:

  • play based learning
  • progressive education
  • outdoor play
  • nature play

I’m grinning excitedly at all the content and have already clicked on more ideas than I can do in tomorrow’s lessons. There are a bazillion great ideas, and they all come with a healthy dose of enthusiastic down-to-earth common sense that I adore.

So much inspiration!

I want to scoop up all the ideas for my students. Much more fun would be to trot over and do my best to blend in with Jenny’s students. Think I can?

Here, read her post on ideas for music play outdoors. And her post on marble painting. Or how about making a water wall? See what I mean?

You’re going to love this site! Bookmark it, then get your kids and start playing!

2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my blog with your readers – I’m happy to have found you too, and will share your link on my facebook page.

    • Thank *you* for sharing such wonderful ideas! Plus, I love your writing style. Now to just get my little ones to stay little for another 10 years or so: I need to try all your ideas out on them!


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