March2Work on the Isle of Man

First, hop over to where your friends are and ask everybody what they call this hopper ball thingy. Hoppity ball, right? No?

Next, with the same group of friends, have a bragging session about your daily commute. Means of transportation, distance, time, speed, etc.

Then inform everyone that Chris Gregory has set himself the brilliant goal to commute to work every day in March using a different means of self-propelled transportation for each day.

Why the goal? To promote outdoor play and safe routes for children!

He lives 3 kilometers from school.

Day 1?

On a hoppity hop space hopper thingy ball.

Have you seen Chris’s transportation schedule?? Did I mention he lives 3 kilometers from school?? Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

I am in awe. You, too?

[Huge h/t again to PlayGroundology! And がんばって!]


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