How do you glue?


I wonder if That Little Art Teacher could help me. I’m no art teacher, but I am surprised at how much time I devote to The Glue Issue.

See, glue sticks are our attachment method of choice, because we seem to think they’re easier to work with than the typical alternative: a big bucket of glue students scoop from as needed.

But then some students write their names with the glue sticks. Some think the glue needs to be at least Big Toe length before it’s good to use. Others lovingly fill in every spare millimeter of paper, only to have to start all over again when the first part has already dried.

Then of course after each class, I’m scooping and scraping smooshed glue sticks back into their tubes.

And then there are the missing caps. How can they possibly disappear so quickly?? Arrrrrrggh!

Plus there’s the need to do all this at a frantic pace, because the next class is starting soon and if I don’t clean up now, the whole mess will dry during the next class and boy oh boy is that an icky thing to have to clean up.



You’re going to want to bookmark her site and tell all the art teachers you know. She teaches preK-6th grade art, and she has a whole bunch of Oh-Hey-I-Can-Do-This activities on her site. I like that.


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