Magic Wands in the Toddler Classroom

Bob the Magician uses magic to teach English, and his latest brilliant teaching idea is using magic wands with the little ones.

I think it’s a wonderful change of pace, and I expect him to inspire a whole new batch of adorable future magicians while he’s at it. (I call second dibs on tickets to their shows!)

Need more wand-making ideas? You do?!

Have you tried drumstick wands? (Bob, these might be your best bet!)

A few more wand-making ideas are below. They all came from Artists Helping Children (this site rummages around for links and then collects the links in one handy place). I haven’t made any of them – gasp! – and now that I think about it, I should start with the magic pencil. Seriously, anything to help my math homework.


Aquarium tubing [Heads up!]


Foil pie plate and heavy wire

Your favorite homework pencil

Your other favorite homework pencil

A whole kazillion variations on the paper and hot glue sticks [These seem to be the sturdiest!] [Stunning site. Look around while you’re there.]

Pretzel rods

Stick from a tree


5 Responses

  1. Those drumsticks look awesome. I also like the aquarium tubing idea. Maybe I would glue on a felt star to the tip to prevent accidentally kids poking themselves. I had a favorite Magic Wand when I first started to do magic when I was 13. Its was a made from a wooden dowel rod which was covered with two colors of glitter contact paper. I’ll be making some wands soon and post the results. OH, don’t forget to invent funny magic words. Do you remember “ALA Peanut butter sandwiches” or “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”? Thanks for the post!

  2. […] It’s a not-very-clear phone photo of what is hands down my most favorite-est classroom magic wand. […]


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