Old King Glory on the Mountain

I’m in Korea! Here I learned the song “Old King Glory”, which I’m pretty certain I’ve never ever sung before.

Today I think I sang it about 20 times.

Someone out there is giggling because I’ve never heard of this American playparty game before today. *grin*


There are many ways to play. I like the way we played today, tweaking the lyrics for the children’s ability:

1) Children stand in a circle singing the song. Walking around the circle is IT.

2) On “one, two, three”, the third child connects to form a train behind It. Repeat the song. Again, on “one, two, three”, the third child joins the train.

3) Continue until only one child is left.

4) Then, you can bow to the King/Queen!

5) None of the children today were tired of the game at the end. Have the King/Queen be the new IT!

Thanks, Sujeong!

2 Responses

  1. Hi, Tanja! Wow! I like your blog. Thanks for your time at MILK English! Kids will keep talking about it. They will keep asking “When is Tanja coming back?”


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