Grass Head Guys!

Grass Head Guys!

These are an easy variation on the Monster Cups and the I’m Ready For Spring gardens yes?

You can make GHGs sheerly for the Fun Factor, trimming the grassy hair as you go (you might need to snip holes for the grass blades to grow through). Make a GHG to resemble each member of your family!

Or you can make GHGs for those picnic salads and sandwiches you’re going to make. Use your favorite sprouts and rename them Sprout Head Guys.

If you simply insist on being completely educational about all of this, then note that Earth Day is coming up. Most kids I know are fascinated by watching plants grow, and you must admit it’s really rather in everybody’s best interest for you to encourage this fascination every chance you get.

[H/T to Katherine! Thanks!]

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