Erato’s version of Rudolf Med Röda Mulen

Okay okay okay, I know this ear-massaging video is about 6 months too early – or 5 months too late…um, let’s not count that way – BUT….it’s going to take me about 5 months to learn it and 1 month to teach everyone I know, so I should start right about now, yes?

Start saving up your butter containers and take a peek at the cup game, which just might be the same pattern.

Besides, hand bells still baffle me. Halp.

How to make that yarn font

You’ve made this yarn font before, yes? No?

Try the letter A. I’ll wait quietly.

Finished? Great! That wasn’t particularly complicated, was it? No, eh? Next, make your initials. Then, since you’re so good at it now, get to work making a complete alphabet set. Call your friends for help.

After all, summer is right around the corner, and really, what were you going to do with those last random mismatched pipe cleaners anyway?

[BloesemKids posted this from Giddy Giddy. Nifty nifty!]

Temporary Monsters: Meet Eep, Grrrr, Rawr, and Wuv

Temporary tattoos of happy monsters slathered all over my arms?

Why, yes, please, and thank you very much.


(No wait, I think this here is Wuv. Ooops.)

Trot on over to check out Tattly, the temporary tattoo company, via swissmiss. More grins at designer Anke van der Meer’s site.

Streamers and garlands galore, oh my!

If you’re in dire need of a DIY garland and streamer fix, get your scissors, paper, and string, then gallop over to MiniEco‘s place and over to Oh Happy Day‘s place.

(Of course, no galloping while carrying scissors. If you’re a knight, then swords are okay, scissors, no. Do be careful.)

I think the rule is that you’re supposed to have a party when you hang up streamers. Feel free to skip the party and go straight to streamer making. That’s what I’m doing.

Oh Happy Day‘s how-to instructions are here and MiniEco‘s streamer comes from her still-new book, Eco-friendly Crafting with Kids (you have a copy already, yes?).

Good night, Sleep tight

Goodnight, Moon! And happy 65th birthday! (The book is 65, not the Moon.)

Goodnight, California!

Goodnight, Gorilla!

Goodnight, iPad!

And if you still can’t sleep after reading a story and singing all your favorite goodnight songs (The Sound of Music? Not Lawrence Welk?), then ponder among yourselves which spelling is more correcter: good night or goodnight.

Good night!

Super Simple Songs is now on Pinterest!

Here, check out Super Simple Learning on Pinterest!

You’ll find a growing collection of theme-based ideas and activities for mostly young learners. Repin and go!

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