That rocker toy on the half tire

The adult in me keeps thinking, “Nifty recycling, but this needs handlebars!”

The kid in me wants to invite the whole neighborhood over after school one day and we can each make our own.

Rock, scissors, paper…1, 2, 3: The kid wins!

Yay! Where can I get those huge googly eyes??


4 Responses

  1. They look like wooden discs….easy to cut with jigsaw. Just paint white with black circle and screw on. Could use lock screw and keep loose so they would spin around and really look googley.

    • That makes sense to me, Kathryn, and big thanks to you for chiming in!
      To keep it super simple, I know I’d most likely stick with the painting version. But some people need really giant really googly eyes in their lives, yes?

      Off I go to see who around here has a jigsaw I can borrow….

  2. What is the thing on top? where can i find the directions for this?

    • I’m guessing it’s just a piece of wood. Other than following that link, I have no directions other than eyeballing it and figuring it’s a half tire…with a piece of wood on top! What do you think?


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