Roy G. Bip icebreaker and writing prompt

Intended as an icebreaker for adults, this Color Jacuzzi could also work as writing prompts for young writers: take some time to adjust the prompts for each color. And, sorry, no, you may not write the whole assignment with your crayons.

Good luck helpfully explaining the color indigo! (Seriously, how *do* you explain the color “indigo”? “It’s…purple-y. Right.)

P.S. I learned Roy G. Biv, not Bip. How did you learn the colors of the rainbow?


Red typically is the stop/turn- off color – so each member of the group quickly tells what is the one thing (that they can disclose in public) that is really a turn off to them .

Orange: is the motivation color – what motivates them

Yellow:is the inspiration or creativity color – what was the best idea they’ve had

Green: is the money color – what they plan to do for money, or the dumbest thing they ever did for money.

Blue:is the sky’s the limit color – what is your favorite fantasy about your future

Indigo: is an odd, or different color – what is the most daring thing they ever did.

Purple: is the color of royalty – if you were ruler of the universe for a day – what is the first thing you would do?


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