Phases of the Moon a la Oreo Cookies

Yes, yes, I think it is gentle brilliance to use Oreo cookies to teach the phases of the moon. Have you tried this?

Yes, yes, I suddenly understand Cookie Monster’s need to ignore the lesson at hand and get right to eating the cookies.

Must not eat the lesson.

Or at least not right away, yes?

That’s So Cuegly listed 75 young learners activities she and her kids did last summer, including this Moon Phase Activity. They did so many nifty activities, I must stuff that whole huge list in my backpack to take with me. You, too? Yes, you, too!

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That Lantern Very Hungry Caterpillar

Well, since we’re doing all this election-y stuff around here, I vote that we all run out to make my new favorite version of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

This idea is so terrifically grin inducing, I feel the need to make one loooooooooong caterpillar at school. I’ll stop when the principal tells me to.

Made for a child’s first birthday, I love this pattern, and you really hafta check out the rest of the decorations!

Hugging a Whale: Ionna Vautrin’s Zoo

Come, please help me stare expectantly at my monitor.

Ionna Vautrin has made 3 perfectly huggable critters, each about 1m tall/long, and I would like to politely send the message that a whole bunch of us would really very much like to see a whole bunch more of these critters.

Seriously. That’s a ridiculously huggable whale, isn’t it?

I want to see a meerkat next! No, wait, how about a hippopotamus? A Canadian beaver?

Back I go to staring expectantly at my monitor…….

[via Swiss Miss!]

Paper Plate Paddles!

I can’t remember when I started hyperventilating at the thought of balls being tossed around indoors.

I wasn’t always like this.

Pen and Paper Flowers’ Balloon and Paddles are perfect for little hands and mostly gentle enough to be played indoors.


You’ll have that one kid who will insist on doing ferocious dives just to keep the balloon in the air. Crash boom bang uh-oh lookit what you just did!

I’ll go ahead and start hyperventilating now.

Oooh oooh oooh! Love parties? Then you hafta hafta hafta check out the rest of Pen and Paper Flowers’ party idea! So much swoon-worthy stuff there. And it’s RED! Gorgeous! Drop everything and go look!

To core a strawberry. Yes. How? Straw!

Coring strawberries? I’ve never had time for that.

As a kid, I would happily walk up and down my Grandma’s strawberry rows and eat those strawberries as fast as I could pick them. I wouldn’t eat the leaves, no, but the rest of the strawberry was stuff-your-face devourable. I’d simply pull off those leaves and continue eating.

Strawberry crops are indeed slowing down in most states here. Call the kids to the kitchen for one last strawberry fest!

If you do knives and only want to hull, follow the Saveur method.

If you don’t do knives and want to core, follow the straw method.


I hope you have your one liner ready about STRAWberries and STRAWS…….

[Thank you!]

Summer Drinks: Nutella Milkshakes!

I made it through this past winter without once making a hot Nutella drink.

I congratulated myself.

Then along came the little kitchen with her recipe for Nutella milkshakes, perfect, I suspect, for these warmer temperatures.

Do I have the willpower to resist inhaling Nutella milkshakes? Well, here’s a newly established Summer Rule: when in Nutella Land, it is polite to do as the Nutella People do.

Glug glug glug.

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