Bill Nye on Tying a bowtie

Can you tie a bowtie?

No no no, not the Already Tied And It’s Attached To Something Stretchy Which Is Great Because We’re In A Hurry kind.

I mean really tie a bowtie.

Can you?

Bill Nye the Science Guy is trying to teach me how.

He’s tried several times, and I’m not quite getting it.

I must learn quickly, so that I can teach The Nephews all about it before their next Bowtie Event.

More Bill Nye, please.

Word Nerds, do pay particular attention to the Dress the Knot section! *triple grin*

Ella Jenkins: 50 Years of Children’s Music

If you haven’t introduced your little ones to Ella Jenkins yet, run now to your nearest library and scoop up what you can.

She has been making children’s music and doing nearly everything else related to children’s music for 50 years.

Fifty years!

And she just released her latest album, A Life of Song (“latest album”…she’s 87…more albums to come?).

Oh I want to be like her when I grow up.

In the clip below, I love how she says the children politely educated her on how Okeechobee really is. Watch it twice, and you’ll see how effortlessly she teaches a song. Then you’ll probably hum the melody for hours after.

Gentle brilliance.

Hugs to Ella Jenkins!

[Great vibes from great people. Thanks.]

Wood That Works: Kinetic Art

Wooden toys are awesome.

You want your kids playing with wooden blocks now.


Because then your kids grow up to make mesmerizing eye-spinning wooden designs like this:

…and like this:

[Jaw dropping, yes?]

That mini chocolate fondue in a muffin

Just like the mini seven-layer dip, you really have to make a mini fondue in a muffin.

1) Chop some fruit.

2) Melt some chocolate.

3) Scoop out the innards of a muffin. Save the top, eat the innards.

4) Carefully pour the chocolate into the scooped out muffin.

5) Dip fruit and eat.

6) Sigh contentedly.

7) Repeat.

Elie Ayrouth politely points out that there is no need to limit yourself to chocolate. As the muffins change, so shall the contents inside.

Spunky chili in a corn muffin? Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

[Miit Studio via FoodBeast]

Simple Sweatshirt Shrugs

It’s not okay for my Younger Nephew to cut into his shirt with scissors, just because “all the other boys were doing it and [he] wanted to see what it was like”, right?

But it is okay for me to cut into an old sweatshirt with scissors to make a sweatshirt shrug, right?

Well, yes.

And I’m marching off right now to find my scissors and that pile of old sweatshirts. Where’d they go?!

Happy 5th birthday to me!

I’m 5 years old today!

We’ll celebrate this weekend, so get your jumbo blueberry muffin tins and blueberries ready!

Happy birthday to me…..

[Larry Miller got it right!]

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