Coffee mug recipes: Chilaquiles

Gentle suggestion:

  1. Set out a whole bunch of coffee mugs and the ingredients for coffee cup chilaquiles.
  2. Find your crayons and copy this recipe nice and big so that everyone can read along.
  3. Put the oldest children in charge, then hum quietly to yourself while the mini concoctions are being concocted.

Kindly note that Pillows a la Mode labeled this post “More Coffee Cup Recipes“. Yes, she has more recipes! Go find them! (Any other Wichita Eagle readers out there?}

Got some ideas of your own? Pin ’em!

P.S. Do pull up a chair and join in over at Pillows a la Mode. So much good stuff there!

2 Responses

  1. Aww . . . what a SWEET post! Thank you so much for the shout out. And I LOVE your idea of letting the kids build their own coffee cup meal! Brilliant!!! :) Best, Katherine

    • Well thank YOU for liking so many of my posts! You’ve got a terrific stack of ideas yourself, and I just couldn’t decide where to start with liking them. I finally settled on food but oh we’re also going to have to try those tissue box monsters and the fireworks barrettes and…so much to do! All the happy best,


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