Ten Tips for Hiking with Kids

My parents had us traipsing through the Rocky Mountains starting at an early age.

When we moved east, I remember being less impressed at first with the Appalachian Mountains, because they weren’t as high. (Yes, roll your eyes. And trust me, I got over that.)

But oh, those were clearly the formative years: to this day, I still go swoony even just at the sight of a mountain.

Did you see Helen Olsson 10 tips for hiking with children? It’s a list worth pulling out of your pocket on mornings when you’re three-quarters out the door rarin’ to go but the others aren’t quite with you yet. These tips should help.

My favorite hiking tip is to invite a friend. Yes, kids, too, chat along the way, and I’m all in favor of helping others get addicted to hiking.

What are your hiking tips?


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