The hamsters on the wheel go round and round, round and round, round…

…and round, round and round, round and round, round and round, round and round….

These hammies are doing an Insanity workout: Pure Cardio! Dig deeper indeed.

Just to share, I did that Pure Cardio workout earlier today, and my brain cells haven’t been particularly helpful since then.

How are your brain cells doing?

[Quadruple grin]

Those Li’l Pumpkin Bottoms from Laura Kruger


Sorry, can not manage coherent communication.

Will you just look at this!!

I repeat: Squiggley-deeeeeeeeee!

Boy oh boy oh boy does Laura Kruger know how to work the camera. Trot on over to say hi, ok?

Let’s hear it for the good ol’ Red, Beige, and Blue!

Original idea: Betty Crocker’s Angel food cake flag

Miriam Meow’s much niftier redesigned idea:

1) 4 slices of whole wheat bread

2) layers of organic strawberry preserve slathered between each layer [need a big knife to slice the whole lot for the proper stripey effect]

3) a couple of blueberries atop a schmear of cream cheese

4) Devour.

Okay, now you make your country flag out of sammiches! Go!

Olive snakes on a plate!

Okay, first, olive snakes are actual real live genuine reptiles.

If you’re the sort who gets the royal squeamies at the mere sight of snakes, don’t look up what actual real live genuine olive snakes look like.

[Word Nerds: what is a group of eggs laid in a nest called? Look that up!]

Possibly more manageable for some is Cute Food for Kids‘s version of an olive snake.


Cute Food for Kids didn’t specify how long this particular olive snake should be.

I vote for you to just open up all the cans/bags of olives and start lining them up. When you run out of olives, that’s when you’re finished.

[Cute Food for Kids!]

High Five…Notes!

Give high fives for a job well done!

[Oh wait: no, some people can’t. *sigh*]

But how do you take high fives home? Take home praise, I mean. How?

High five notes!

Raid your construction paper stash, trace your hand a bazillion times, and start cutting them out.

And if you’re into peer feedback, you know you hafta have the kids make their own high five notes to give each other!

[Love Pinterest. Hate tracing the origin of ideas. Does anybody recognize the source?]

That Separate Eggs With a Water Bottle Trick

Young egg-eating chefs should learn this nifty egg separating trick!

Have you tried it yet?

With little fingers, using a water bottle is certainly easier than the shell-scoop-’em-up method.

But…then we’d miss out on our game of Who Got the Eggshell This Time?

That game is tradition.

Can’t mess with tradition.

Am chewing my nails here, furiously debating whether the tradeoff is worth it…..!

[JifenzhongDIY via a whole bunch of people and site. Thanks!]

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