The Babysitter and the Birthday List

You know that long list you have of upcoming birthdays?

And you know that huge stack of your child’s drawings?

And you know how the Babysitter always politely asks if there’s anything that needs to be done while you’re gone?


Take that list, those drawings, and card-making materials (crayons, glue, construction paper, scissors, washable markers, etc.).

Plunk them on the craft table.

The Babysitter and the Babysittee now have the ridiculously exciting job of making cards for everyone on that list!

No pressure to complete the list before you return, no….but oh my yes homemade jumbo blueberry muffins for everyone next Babysitting time if they do.

Toodle-oo! [middle three fingers flutter wave]

[via Parenting]


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