That Pipe Cleaner and Magnet Discovery Bottle

If your little one is fairly new to the world of magnets, make this discovery bottle for her.

1) Chop up all those leftover pipe cleaners/chenille stems/fluffy wire sticks into finger length pieces. After all the stuff you’ve specifically told her not to cut, this act alone will probably astound her.

1a) Check that your nice big non-choking hazard magnet actually picks up these pieces.

2) When you have a nifty pile, squoosh the pieces into a plastic jar and hot glue the lid shut.

3) Take your nice big magnet and show how to collect pc/cs/fws.

3a) Challenges: how many? Only two colors! All the way around the jar!

4) Magnets are fascinating. Breathe, smile, watch, and relax.

5) Here, a bazillion more terrific ideas for Discovery Bottles!

2 Responses

  1. Whoa!!! How fun is THAT!!! :)


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