Tracing Shadows: Ellis G.

Okay you have to be careful with this one, because you’re not supposed to deface public roads!

Ahem. Stern warning over.

I see on Pinterest that some art teachers were inspired by the 2005 New York Times article on Tracing Shadows.

Ellis G used to decorate the streets illegally. Then some sad and bad stuff happened. He changed his methods and started tracing shadows of objects on the sidewalks (hmmm…sidewalks: okay?).

So grab your chalk and your sunny days, find some shadows, and start tracing!

No sun? Chalk allergies? Substitute markers, paper, and flashlights!

Grab your camera, too!

(Fascinating lecture on the fleeting nature of this art is, of course, optional.)

Photo: Chang W. Lee    Copyright 2005  The New York Times


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