Well, you’ll just have to grow into it. Say, “Cheese!”

Been kinda busy and still haven’t taken those First Day/Week of School Photos?

‘s Okay!

You still have time!

Here, try this:

1) Get a nice entirely-too-large t-shirt for your Future Graduating Child.

2) Put the FGC’s year of graduation on the t-shirt (high school terrific, college funnier).

3) Each year, take a photo of said FGC wearing the t-shirt. (Put the date on each photo!)

4) Print the photos large and hang them up in chronological order.

5) Watch the t-shirt shrink from year to year!

Alternative if you think you’re going to forget this picture-taking tradition every year:

1) Pack the t-shirt away in a time capsule or something.
2) Find it the week of graduation.
3) Find your Now About To Graduate Child.
4) Find the first picture, and take a second picture.
5) Compare the pictures!

[Is this the original?]


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