More Making Class Teams Ideas

Yay, I got a few more!

1) Wink Wink

Quick! Find a partner!

3, 2, 1…wink at your partner!

Which eye did you wink with?

Left eye winking people stand over here. Right eye winking people stand over there.


2) I’m-a Eatin’ Some Imaginary Ice Cream

Pretend you’re licking ice cream on an ice cream cone (what flavor? yum!).

Do you:

a) twirl the cone clockwise?

b) twirl the cone counterclockwise?

c) lick the ice cream up and down?

A’s are in one group, B’s are in the next group, and C’s are in the third group.

Okay, yes, some of you start eating ice cream at the top and start chasing melting ice cream all over the place as fast as you can, and then you bite off the bottom of the cone and continue holding the ice cream cone at a barely upright position and then sploooooooorsh drink the melting ice cream through the end of the cone.

All you guys are Group D.

[Thank you, First Steps Training!]


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