Letter Reversal Solutions: The pig goes under the bed!

“Teacher, Teacher! Is this a p? or a d? No, I know! It’s a g, right? No? Ok, wait wait … what is it?? Halp!”

Some letters do look exasperatingly similar, don’t they?

Letter Reversal Solutions to the rescue!

Come Together Kids says that the pig goes under the bed. (You really must see the full set of pictures there to better understand the excitement!)

More Letter Reversal Solutions are at The First Grade Parade, including her own b sees d (free downloads!! run!).

I adore these solutions, because kids will likely still use them a kazillion generations from now, just like a whole bunch of us still hold up our palms face out to figure out which is our left hand.

Feeling inspired? Find your camera and printer and make your own version! (Then share, please!)

[Come Together Kids and The First Grade Parade]


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