The best ice cubes recipe!

Temperatures marched right up into the triple digits today (Fahrenheit), and boy oh boy was I glad I had this ice cube recipe ready to try!

How to make…ice cubes?


It’s another moldy oldie recipe and definitely a terrific goodie!

Oh don’t forget, as with most online recipes, you reeeeeeaaaaaally hafta read the comments for tips and tricks and tweaks and tons of giggles. One of my favorites so far:

I wish I had found this recipe over the summer. My iced tea and lemonade were so warm. I just knew something was missing. TIP…you have to carry the tray to the freezer VERY SLOWLY so you don’t spill any water. Thank you SO much for posting! My family loved it, so this one’s definitely a keeper!
Off you go. I hope your results are as good as mine!


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