Toddler Approved: Sponge bowling with word families

Remember those sponge balls?

Toddler Approved has some nifty simple sponge activities I can’t wait to try!

Here are just a few activities, starting with the youngest learners:

1) Cut the sponges into strips. Use your fingers and your tongue-sticking-out concentration to stand the sponges upright.

2) Use a marble to practice knocking the strips over!

3) Aim to knock over specific colors!

4) Learning your letters? Teacher calls ’em out, you knock ’em over!

5) Are you starting to read? Yay! Sound out the word, then knock the sponges over!

Really, you just must see the whole explanation.

Good stuff there, so bring your big basket to collect ideas!


2 Responses

  1. Love this! Learning by playing in a creative and easy way :)


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