Polka Dot Bike Stickers!

Most adults I know will carefully scatter these polka dot bicycle stickers all over their bicycles.

The general point is to make your bike look like you drove through a gentle polka dot storm and this is what your bike looked like when you emerged on the other side, right?

For a more authentic scattered polka dot look, find a toddler and hand her/him the open box.

You’ll have to allow time for thorough fascination with the sticky stuff, but otherwise let the artist go to work while you hold your bike.

Yes, one artist may plop a single green sticker on the bike seat and declare the masterpiece complete while another artist may use up every single sticker and wonder why you didn’t supply more.



Either way, you commissioned the work, and a big ol’ hug followed by a bike ride ought to be acceptable payment, yes?

[Perpetual Kid via Swiss-Miss]


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