That Good Wish Tree

The Japanese have been doing this for a bazillion years, and, if I research it, I’ll probably learn that other societies do this, too.

And if you’re going to have company visit during the holidays, you should definitely do it, too.

Do what?

Write wishes, hopes, and thanks and hang them on tree branches.

Here’s how you can set it up:

1) Scoop up a bunch of nice branches and plunk them in a tall vase.

2) Recycle holiday cards by cutting them into smaller cards. One side of the smaller cards needs to be blank.

3) Punch a hole in the top of each one, set these by your Wish Tree, and some string, scissors, and markers, and stand back to admire your set up.

4) You write the first card. Cut the string to make a small loop, thread it through the hole, and hang the card on the tree.

5) Encourage your family and guests to do the same.

Feeling extra grand? When your host says, “Ach, no need to bring anything!”, bring your host a Wish Tree kit. Yeah.

Martha Stewart Recycled Holiday Cards Good Wish Tree

[Martha Stewart]

Barbapapa Totally Rocks! Erm, pet rocks, that is.

Find all of the rocks from wherever it is that you keep your rocks these days, get your paints ready, then pause for a moment to grin.

Paint Barbapapa and his family.

Grin some more.

Either keep them together or spread the family out.

Then you just hafta let the grins spill out all over the place.


Jacek Yerka: Walls of books, floods of knowledge

Behind every wall of books is a flood of knowledge.


Are you building a wall of books for your young learners and for yourself?

Please oh please oh please say yes.

Off I go to find out what a giclee is…….

[Jacek Yerka]

Go throw your TV set away!

Throw the TV set away?

The whole thing?

I happily swiped this from The Bookshelf Gargoyle.

Said Gentle Gargoyle muses on mostly children’s books and other book-related things from the perch of a bookshelf. Have you stopped by yet?

So, please, oh please, we beg, we pray

Go throw your TV set away.

And in its place you can install

A lovely bookshelf on the wall.

You see it’s from Roald Dahl.

Can you identify which book it’s from?


Okay, which one?

[Thank you!]

Photo Bookmarks!

Make these the next time you have a stack of kids at your home (what?? they’re there now?? read quickly).

Most of the fun should be the camera shoot. (“You’re holding a rope hanging from the ceiling. Go.”)

The rest of the fun should be deciding which book gets the Bookmark Debut.

Come Together Kids has the whole how-to! Get an assembly line going, and you should be done in some time rather than no time.

Gen X Quilters: Twister-inspired Quilt

It started out with me and a 9″ dinner plate.

Them’s storytellin’ words.

I don’t know now how I landed on Gen X Quilters ‘site, because I neither quilt nor know of any young learners who quilt.

My mother used to quilt. That must count for something, yes?

But land I did and oh so quite nicely on the page explaining all about the Twister Quilt.


Well, okay, perhaps the more polite expression is, “I want to learn how to make that!!”

But really, I just really really really want that quilt.

Grab a big basket, a pencil and paper, and a mug of your favorite drink, because when you go over to to look around Gen X’s site, boy oh boy you’re going to stay a while.

Off I go. I must find a bed big enough to fit under that quilt. Will you look at that? It’s huge!

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