small + friendly: How to Volunteer with your Toddler

Volunteer with a Little One in tow?

Of course I’d never thought of that.

Er, no, wait.

I *did* think of that and then promptly dismissed it for any (and all) of half a bazillion excuses.

1) No time to go.

2) Toddlers? Volunteering?

3) Can’t commit to anything long term.

4) Now? Isn’t that what the schools are supposed to deal with?

5) Toddlers? Volunteering?

Take a few minutes to carefully read small + friendly‘s gentle tips on how to volunteer anyway.

Then, before you procrastinate again, take your toddler and go find a volunteer opportunity.

Spark that passion early.

Go go go!

small + friendly has a fantastic grin-inducing blog packed with ideas. When you go, stick around for a bit, ok?


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