Gen X Quilters: Twister-inspired Quilt

It started out with me and a 9″ dinner plate.

Them’s storytellin’ words.

I don’t know now how I landed on Gen X Quilters ‘site, because I neither quilt nor know of any young learners who quilt.

My mother used to quilt. That must count for something, yes?

But land I did and oh so quite nicely on the page explaining all about the Twister Quilt.


Well, okay, perhaps the more polite expression is, “I want to learn how to make that!!”

But really, I just really really really want that quilt.

Grab a big basket, a pencil and paper, and a mug of your favorite drink, because when you go over to to look around Gen X’s site, boy oh boy you’re going to stay a while.

Off I go. I must find a bed big enough to fit under that quilt. Will you look at that? It’s huge!

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the love! I gave this one away….so now I’m working on a second one of these for ME.


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