That Good Wish Tree

The Japanese have been doing this for a bazillion years, and, if I research it, I’ll probably learn that other societies do this, too.

And if you’re going to have company visit during the holidays, you should definitely do it, too.

Do what?

Write wishes, hopes, and thanks and hang them on tree branches.

Here’s how you can set it up:

1) Scoop up a bunch of nice branches and plunk them in a tall vase.

2) Recycle holiday cards by cutting them into smaller cards. One side of the smaller cards needs to be blank.

3) Punch a hole in the top of each one, set these by your Wish Tree, and some string, scissors, and markers, and stand back to admire your set up.

4) You write the first card. Cut the string to make a small loop, thread it through the hole, and hang the card on the tree.

5) Encourage your family and guests to do the same.

Feeling extra grand? When your host says, “Ach, no need to bring anything!”, bring your host a Wish Tree kit. Yeah.

Martha Stewart Recycled Holiday Cards Good Wish Tree

[Martha Stewart]


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