Happy 2012!…I mean…2013!


Happy New Year!

Never mind the excitement over learning to write the new year, this is the year I will finally coax me into calling it twenty-thirteen instead of two-thousand-thirteen.

I can do this!

This is my New Year’s Resolution Number 3!

Oh boy!

tastefully offensive 2013

Okay, I’m turning off the exclamation mark now.

[via tastefully offensive, which is fine for this image but not intended for all young learners, just so you know.]

No Time For Flashcards: Easy New Year’s Memory Game

So while you’re waiting for the clock to strike noon, rummage around for a stack of photos from the past year.

Try to collect photos specific to your child.

Print 2 sets of each.

Stick them on construction paper and laminate them.

Play Concentration/Memory by finding the matching photos.

Take a tip from No Time For Flashcards: write the year on the back of each card, and make new sets every year.

Or don’t add the year, but try to use the same color construction paper so that you can combine the sets. By the time your child is ready for college, you’ll be playing all day and well past noon.

Happy New Year!

No Time For Flashcards Easy New Years Memory Game

[Aha! But I honestly like No Time For Flashcards‘s version much better: Fantastic site!!]

Pepperminty Numbers (and Letters, too!)

Numbers Writing Practicers, this one is for you!

Alphabet Writing Practicers, ask your Favorite Teacher to tweak this to use the alphabet!

What? You ate all of the peppermint candies from your wreath? Already?

Oh wait whew, no you don’t need the actual candies. Hard to laminate that way.

But oooh I wonder if you can change the design as needed to hearts, shamrocks, blueberry muffins…….

Touch Point Number Cards Holiday Mints by K Bithell

[Teachers Pay Teachers: Krystie Bithell’s Touch Point Numbers]

Head (oof)…Shoulders…(oooof)….Knees….Nope.

Did you see what NASA has been showing off on the catwalks?

If I can’t do a rousing rendition of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes in them, then wearing those future-y spacesuits is going to have to wait a bit.

Test it on the toddlers!

Flickr Nasa 2Explore New Spacesuit

Easy Peasy Party Hat

Yes, you dress in your mostly finest.

Yes, you make this hat and plunk it on your head.

Yes, you grin quite contagiously for the camera.

Yes, the party is off to a grand start!

Martha Stewart Party Hats

[Martha Stewart’s Party Hats!]

Iain Blake: Little Rocky Feet

The next time you trot the whole bunch outdoors for a Nifty Nature Walk, keep everyone’s eyes peeled for small stones and pebbles to make these rocky feet.

Make them and then strategically place them around your home.

Archaeologists excavating your home 1000 years from now will be thoroughly baffled.


Flickr: Iain Blake Rocky Feet

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